Private Pilot

With a private pilot certificate, you can legally fly from place to place in a single engine airplane. Think of it as a passport to anywhere you want to be (weather permitting). There are also a few guidelines to follow pertaining to the privileges and limitations of the certificate, but ultimately, this is the certification […]

Instrument Rating

The next step in training is usually the Instrument Rating. The Instrument Rating is an addition to a existing Private Pilot License. With this rating you can fly in low visibility weather, known as IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). This is accomplished by using information from the instruments in the cockpit to a much higher degree […]


In the simplest of terms, a commercial license allows you to earn money as a pilot. Before now, flying has been purely for pleasure. With a commercial license you can fly people and/or cargo for personal gain. This is the moment where most career aviators make the decision to earn a living as a pilot. […]


You have your Private and Instrument ratings but what’s next? If you have a desire to fly multi-engine aircraft that’s great, but it requires a specialized rating. A second engine adds weight, systems, and other duties a pilot must master. The good news, obtaining a multi-engine rating is normally one of the quicker steps you’ll […]

Certified Flight Instructor

If you’ve come this far, it’s obvious you’re passionate about aviation. But, are you passionate about teaching? Good CFIs are hard to find and always in demand. One of the most rewarding experiences pilots talk about time and time again is teaching other pilots. Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor will allow you to do that. […]

Certified Flight Instructor Instruments

Expand your teaching capabilities and help Private Pilots learn the intricacies and precision associated with IFR, Instrument Flight Rules. What it takes FAR 61.195c Requirements for Flight Instructor Instrument: 15 hours PIC category and class. 250 hours total time (commercial requirement). Hold a initial Flight Instructor Airplane Certificate. Hold a second class medical certificate. *Must […]

Multi-Engine Instructor

Help students learn to fly bigger, faster planes and expand their reach with multi-engine aircraft. FAR 61.195f What it takes 15 hours PIC category and class (15 hours PIC Multi-Engine). 250 hours total time (commercial requirement). Hold a commercial pilot certificate with category and class rating. Hold an instrument rating. Hold a second class medical […]


The Airline Transport Pilot rating is reputed to be the highest certification achievable in aviation. Candidates seeking this level of certification are on track for the airlines, and often this certificate is achieved in conjunction with being hired. This certification is usually required to hold a captain position at most airlines, as well as most […]