Aviation Links

Aviation is a community. No one sets off to the blue skies alone.

Here’s a list of websites and resources that we frequently use to help plan and research our flights.


schedulepointe1Schedule Pointe—Our online scheduler lets students and customers alike schedule instructors and aircraft. This is great tool to keep your calendar synced with ours.


bfcsalesWho doesn’t want to own a plane!!!! We can make your dream a reality.


FAA-175IACRA is the web-based certification/rating application that guides the user through the FAA’s airman application process.


SkyVector-175Sky Vector is an easy-to-ease website helping aviators plot their flights with charts, fuel prices, airport diagrams and much more.


AWC-175AWC—Aviation weather is the preferred weather site for most aviators. METARs, TAFs and more, straight from NOAA.


SouthernMuseumofFlight-175Our friends at the Southern Museum of Flight offer a wonderful education experience for aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Visit them today!


AirNav Visit AirNav.com when planning your next cross country flight. It can help with fuel stops and more.


FlightAwareFlightAware is the ultimate flight tracking site! Don’t waste time with others. Track your flight and show your friends where you’ve been.


FlightPlanCheck out FltPlan.com‘s powerful tools for pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight.